The Ellwood YFC website has been designed by the creative media team known as Quoakle. one of a number of sites created in association with Gary Sutton. These sites include Sutton Soccer Schools,Gloucestershire Walks, 360 Funding and Gaff Youth Project.

Quoakle first appeared as a word in Google searches in August 2006 based on a hamlet in Gloucestershire, “Oakle Street”. The brand was used to launch the online graphical directory –

Quoakle on all DevicesWith businesses Quoakle has a reputation for affordable website promotion as well as friendly support;
with users Quoakle’s Graphical Directory is known for its clean, clear page layout and simple site structure enabling users to see at a glance exactly what they want … and very quickly!

Quoakle aim to be … the Quick Link to Local Websites!

In the last few years, the Quoakle team has diversified intoWebsite Design and Website Promotion, particularly supporting SMEs and Charities in the UK.

Quoakle Director, Nigel Steele, always keeps getting new ideas and in 2013, the Quoakle team developed a series of topical directories:
including Restaurants in Gloucester and Gloucestershire Days Out.

The Creative HQ is based in Churcham, a little down the road from Gloucester, UK. However, some of the team work from locations as far apart as Brighton, UK and Ontario, Canada. Quoakle offers a wide range of quality web solutions at affordable prices. We can take you from the initial design stages right the way through to marketing your website effectively within Google.

To find out more please call on 01452 595377, Skype “Quoakle” or email us at