Our club works hard to give local children the opportunity to play football, with all the social and health-related advantages that brings to them and to the community as a whole. As a sponsor, you too can be a part of this!

We are currently looking for sponsorship for a number of our teams. Sponsorship will allow us to buy new football strip and is also a great marketing opportunity for local businesses and entrepreneurs. As a sponsor, you will benefit from:

  • Your business name/logo on the strip which would be worn for at least two seasons;
  • Acknowledgement of your sponsorship on this web site with a link to your web site;
  • Acknowledgement of your sponsorship on the Club-wide e-mails sent out to players’ parents with news and results;
  • Opportunities for reference to support of the Club in the sponsor’s publicity material.
  • Knowing you’re supporting your local community!

If you would like to find out more about our sponsorship opportunities, please get in touch and contact us by email info@ellwoodyfc.org.uk.